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About Technical Development

We have provided DCB Substrates for more than 30 years, as one of our major backbone business. Copper plates are directly bonded with ceramic substrate, and has advantages on high dielectric strength and excellent heat dissipation, and NGK-ED has gained high reputation and keep strong relationship with customers. For long market has been rather quiet, but now suddenly spot light posed again, by outcoming new industries of wind-power generator or electric automotives etc.

High Performance supported by Patents

NGK-ED's DCB was developed by our own technology, starting with raw material development to product finishing, to provide highest level of quality requirement. Our patented "ZDA" further enhanced, by conventional alumina plus Zirconium to achieve higher ceramic strength. This enables to make thinner substrate, and reduces thermal resistance, resulting higher heat dissipation efficiency. This know-how further progressed to "New ZDA" (patented) development. It is now loaded on newly developed hybrid car by one of famous European automobile makers, and our reputation is being spread to related industries.


Reliability Prevails Abroad


Yamaguchi HQ, Designing Section

NGK-ED's substrates are well known in Japanese regional market, but now going to prevail to overseas customers. Material-thorough-Finishing integrated production system is now recognized as our advantage, and now chosen as preference among overseas customers. In catching up with increasing requirements, we started new factory operation in Penang, Malaysia. We continuously make effort to develop toward customers' eventual needs, and aiming to debut new surprising product to worldwide markets.

We acquired the certification of ISO/TS16949 (the specification of Automotive Quality Management System).We will endeavor to streamline our performance with customers' demands on everlasting enhancements for automotive component applications.

Everything for Customers' Solution

Ceramic and DCB Substrates are all produced by our own controlled in-house facility. Our responsibility is to provide products in stable production capability, as well as quality assurance. In order to comply with customers' needs thoroughly, we establish our organization to support customers first, from raw material development, structure designing to product finishing. Furthermore, new Malaysian factory enables us for smoother contacting, and by direct delivery and reduced lead-time, with regional customers. Our NGK-ED's company-wide support formation will help expediting customers' solution.

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