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Pressed Ceramics

Pressed Ceramics are provided by hard tool forming using alumina powder. Comparing with other products, this can be formed in a more flexible shape. In Japan, only 2 companies (including NGK-ED) that can offer products in this technology. So, we keep tighter relationship with customers than other product types, with history of serving market for more than 30 years. This Dry Press applied Pressed Ceramics are splendid for di-electricity, heat resistance, and higher anti-abrasives.

Approaches on sampling and volume production

Pressed Ceramics have advantages of low cost, as volume production can be applied upon hard tooling is made. For pre-production sampling stage, "Raw Processing" approach can be applied, by forming raw ceramic and apply direct processing, and this way is suitable in providing test samples in a lower cost. NGK-ED offers 3 types of alumina material, 80%, 90% and 96% in different alumina contents. Suitable material can be chosen according to specification. Furthermore, new material "A318" is under development stage and expected to debut in market soon.

Mine Headquarter.  Easy access of way.

Mine Headquarter. Easy access of way.

Penang Factory (Malaysia) Approaches

Main Pressed Ceramics

Main Pressed Ceramics

Pressed Ceramics are currently produced in Japan and Malaysia. In Malaysia (Penang), highly value-added products, such as Image Sensor packages with glass or epoxy jointed with ceramics. By overseas production facility establishment, we can be more flexible with cost down requests.

Challenge for New Products

Our engineers are challenging to create new innovative products. One example is LED packages. On high power LED chips, ceramics are suitable for packaging, to settle high heat dissipation. We are also developing higher reflective material and ramping up for volume production. Above mentioned "A318" new material is ongoing test running. We are sure to delivery these new products to market soon.

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