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Multilayer Ceramics

It's our most fundamental technology, to make fine circuit pattern printing on thin ceramic raw sheet, and multiply each sheet and firing to sinter, so called "cofiring". This basic technology provides diversified range of applied products. In response to our major crystal device makers, we provide ceramic packages to envelope quite fragile and sensitive crystal oscillator or transmitter, to hold gently and firmly, and we are proud of reputations by our customers. We keep challenging for the future, to achieve further reliability and confidence from customers.

Technology toward Downsizing Needs

Currently, the largest demands come from mobile phones. One mobile phone set usually requires 3 pieces of packages. Mobile users are often much demanding, in want of more software installation, while requesting smooth running without stress. Such voices cause more parts loading on one small phone set. It's why phone set makers request on us package downsizing. Hermeticity is mandatory, while sealing width reduction forces us for critical studies. Also layer to layer alignment control is a hurdle to get over. Our tough effort for problem solution enables us for more challenges for further downsizing.

Outlook of firing room. Room temperature is about 40℃.

In-house Integrated Process forms Reliability

Some multilayer products

Some multilayer products

One of our advantages is, integrated process managed and operated in our own facilities, from product designing, raw material development, production to finishing and outgoing. Quality requirement is getting severer and less tolerable, and we will have to overcome everlasting requirements such as hermeticity, mechanical strength or heat dissipation. To catch up with such requirements, we have so far approached for development, production technology and researching for new material. Next step of "Reduced" package samples are now done and going through extensive testing and so far favorable results are seen. When this new version debuts on market, it would help to contribute to industry needs to clear up some of existing technical problems. This is one example of our ways to challenge for unique and innovative products by our own hands.

Aggressive Engineer Challenges

Our engineers set eyes for the future. So far our crystal package products gain satisfactions by our customers, but we admit our goal is still ahead. What should we take for the next step? We are always questioning for next phase. One of the next approaching areas is automotive industries, and acceleration sensor maybe a hint that our technology can be extended. We must overcome a lot of inexperienced problems such as material durability or reliability, but we keep a belief, and surely we can expand our scope of production engineering.

Right:Makoto Kamitamari, Sec. Manager

Right:Makoto Kamitamari, Sec. Manager

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