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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Promote risk reduction measures that do not depend on operators' awareness

1. Safety & Health

1) Thorough adherence to the "Three Safety Principles" to prevent pinching accidents
(Do not enter the operation range. Stop when entering. Abolish the work that cannot be sttoped.)

2) Conduct exhaustive risk assessments (incl. organic solvents, specified chemical substances, etc.) , and maintain rules
(Activate near-miss activities, Conduct operation inspection, Patrol workplace, Implement education)

3) Investigate difficult work closely, and take measures.

4) Comply with Safety and Health rules and legal requirements for each working place

5) Maintain Occupational Health and Safety Management System
(Establish wide range of Company-Level managemant structure, and share details of activities with environmetal ISO.)

6) Promote prevention measures of infectious disease
(Making rules to ensure employees' health and safety)

2. Disaster Prevention

Enhance emergency capacity by disaster prevention drill and emergency response training.
(Attend all the employees, Confirm safety of all paticipants, Conduct training regarding company dormitory)

3. Traffic Safety

Promote driving with plenty of time (Promote defensive driving)

"Keep following distance between vehicles."

"Keep strictly safe speed"

"Thoroughly confirm surroundings at the parking area"

NGK Electronics Devices Inc.
General Safety and Health Manager Tetsuo Shimada