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Presidential Message

Presidential Message

In more details:

  • Contribute to our Customers through delivery of superior products, and providing satisfactory services.
  • Contribute to Employees through safe and comfortable working facility.
  • Contribute to our Society through environmental conservation and legal compliance.
  • Contribute to our Stakeholders, as one of NGK Insulator's Group, through sustainable business progress.

Now ceramic packages are indispensable items in now-a-days electronic devices or apparatus, such as mobile phones, terminals, base stations, for which area LTE system is spreading, and in electronic industry area, PCs, home and consumer appliances, and opto-electronic telecommunication etc. We have so far developed our own technical capabilities through engineering and production technologies through designing, basic material, precision processing, simulation analysis and craftsmanship, etc., and further continue to evolve, where we keep up with advancing demands in these industries.

In outgrowing new energy and environmental industry field, we explore further electronic applications, through power device substrates and piezoelectric components such as actuators.

Set makers are continuously requesting us to reduce component or substrate size, while demanding higher performance and specifications. We must challenge to step up our capability of material development and process technologies. In this viewpoint, technology synergy as NGK group can boost and accelerate our capability, which will surely provide us with new potentials on our corporate values.

Furthermore, we observe and comply with NGK Group corporate policies and regulations, and we must establish and further enhance, our new corporate spirits, with unweaving ethics policy, in fair trade pursuit, based on universally accepted judgment criteria.