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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Recognizing that protecting the environment is a vital issue that all of humanity must face, we work to reduce the environmental impact of business activities, and actively strives to help protect the environment by developing products and technologies to that end, in order to bring its corporate activities into harmony with the environment.

1. Reduce the environmental impact arising from business activities.

1) Focus on the environment from the development and design stages, and continuously work on product development to help contribute to society.

2) Promote resource saving and recycling, and make efforts to control the generation of wastes.

3) Make efforts to control CO2 emissions by energy measure (especially electric power)

2. Prevent environmental pollution and abide by environmental laws

1) Work to prevent pollutions like river pollution, ocean pollution, air pollition, and so on by emission control.

2) Work to reduce the risks inherent in toxic substances through the appropriate use and control.

3) Work on purchasing environmentally friendly materials, parts, equipment, and products.

3. Continual improvement of environmental management sysytem

1) Reflect changes in environmental laws and regulations and other agreements in the system.

2) Set environmental objectives, and implement continual improvement activities to enhance environmental performance.

4. Enhance eco-awareness by environmental education and contribution to society

1) Enhance eco-awarenes of each employee, and contribute to environmental conservation through environmental education.

2) Work on social contribution activities proactively, and consequently enhance eco-awareness.

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Representative Director Hideki Shimizu