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About Compliance

The word of "Compliance" is now familiar with business people, but it's important to understand "What should we comply to". So far our understanding was sufficient if, "We observe laws and regulations. We will not do illegal actions".
However, now social requirements further enhances up to "Business Ethics" level, that a business firm have to avoid things that are "not ought to do ", "not adequate to do" and further "not suggestable to do", which concept now commonly prevailing to European and American companies. In this background,. NGK-ED understands the "Compliance" in extensive recognition and now define our Compliance to be "Corporate Principles including Managements and all other administrations, in compliance with Legal Laws, Regulations and other requirements by Social Standards".

Compliance Committee

NGK-ED has set Management Compliance as the key policy, and facilitated company rules and education programs etc. In order to enhance establishment, we organize the Compliance Committee to be the center of action administration. The Committee organization is as follows.

Chairman President
Sub-chairman Director Heads (except President)
Special member Standing Auditor
Members Directors, General Managers, Line Managers and Group Managers
Curator General Administration Dept. Manager or his assigned representative
Functions The following matters relating to Compliance
1) Company rule / employees' training program streamlining with Compliance
2) Compliance related information updates, coordinating as interface, and auditing the area for Compliance related performances.
3) In case if actual or suspected violence is found or detected, it manages further research for such cases and take necessary actions.

3 Basic Compliance Rules

NGK-ED's Action Ethics
Employees of NGK-ED and its group or affiliated companies, not only obey laws and regulations and observe social ethics, but also agree the following 3 Basic Compliance Rules to maintain high standard of corporate ethics, and subjectively act based on self-sustained responsibilities.

Article No.1

I act in compliance with legal laws and company rules, and observance with social common senses.

* I take actions on any job area, in compliance with laws and regulations and company rules, to contribute to lead our company in line with ethic supporting policies.
* I do not involve with unfair offering or trading, in unreasonable business manner.
* I do not associate with unauthorized interest beneficiary to lead to abnormal activities, in whichever location it may be in domestic or overseas.
* Even if any antisocial group may attempt to prevent our business execution, we will treat it fairly and take necessary action.


I segregate official vs private matters.

* I understand the boundary between official and private area, and I will not use company information or properties, and given authorities in order to raise my private benefits.
* I understand I am representing for NGK-ED, and take care of my generating message or causing action to be independent between officially or privately, and shall control within my responsibility.


Trust is the First : I take it seriously for every matter

* I respect customers, stockholders and regional residents to be trusted with NGK-ED, and take keen and courteous attitude with them.
* I promise to take fair and reasonable actions to lead business, in any job scene, without "telling a lie".
* I will positively work for energy saving,. waste reduction and recycle promoting, in consideration for environmental protection.
* I respect employees' human rights, and understand personalities, and enhance corporate atmosphere to help them incline to to work positively, with making most of his/her own capability and morale to keep working with us.