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Corporate Concept

Corporate Concept

Diversified ceramics manufacturer that supports the environment, new energy and advanced information society

NGK ELECTRONICS DEVICES, INC. (NGK-ED) is actively creating innovations in the electronics industry where dynamic change and continual diversification are the norm. Our main products, multilayer ceramic packages for quartz/crystal devices, MEMS and optical/high frequency devices, are indispensable components for personal computers, mobile devices, digital consumer electronics, mobile phone base stations and optical communication systems. These products are produced employing material technologies, precision technologies and experienced design techniques, which we have accumulated in order to meet the diverse requirements of customers. We are now expanding our business to offer a broader range of electronics products, such as power device substrates and piezoelectric ceramics components for actuators, for which there is growing demand in the environmental and new energy industries. NGK-ED will continue to respond to market challenges in a timely and flexible manner, aiming to evolve into a leading international company.

Developing cutting-edge ceramics technology

NGK ELECTRONICS DEVICES, INC. develops valuable technologies for ceramic materials, multilayered ceramics, micro-circuit formation, design engineering and materials characterization. These efforts enable us to produce the high-performance ceramics packages and electronic components necessary for advanced devices. We will continue to develop next-generation electronics  products by optimizing the excellent properties of ceramics such as electrical insulation, heat dissipation, hermeticity and dimensional accuracy.

Spirit of quality-first and compliance

NGK ELECTRONICS DEVICES, INC. gives the highest priority to quality and is constantly carrying out quality improvement initiatives, while upholding high ethical standards and ensuring corporate compliance.

About the new group

As a result of the business integration between our parent company, Sumitomo Metal, and Nippon Steel, we became a member of NGK Insulators Group in January 2015.